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Around the Quad: Mulk's Loyalty & "The Worm" Story

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Many of you have written, asking us to spend more time on coverage of the upcoming "AirRaid" vs. "AirBear" showdown between Harrell/Crabtree/Leach and Szyzzle/Gettis/GuyMo. Sorry, but that is beyond the scope of this blog. Such a comparison is too easy to make light of and is not worthy of our more sophisiticated brand of satire. Plus, we took an oath not to discuss on-the-field issues until next season. Instead, we leave you with a veritable "Lifestyle Section" of news from around the Burleson Quadrangle (thanks largely to our interns who "daylight" as reporters at the WacoTrib).

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1. Dave Cunningham, The Baylor Bomber, sentenced to 3 Years Probation. After pleading guilty to making threats to blow up Baylor and facing 10 years in federal prison, Dave was given 3 years probation, mandatory counseling and made to live in a half-way house for six months.

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This WacoTrib article provided this gem from the sentencing hearing:

Cunningham told the judge at the brief sentencing hearing Thursday he never intended to act on the threats, saying, “I don’t have a lot of tact in dealing with police enforcement.” Cunningham, a former member of the Baylor track team, ended his brief statement laughing nervously and saying that he just wanted to go back to the zoo in Tyler to watch the elephants.

2. Mulk's New Book, Won't Back Down, hits shelves! In case you missed it, Mulk's autobiography, Won't Back Down, hit the shelves and is electrifying Waco with its lurid detail and compelling drama. Here is a tidbit from her dilemma whether to stay at Louisiana Tech or take Baylor's offer. Wow.

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This is from Jerry Hill's article in the WacoTrib, no wonder she values loyalty so highly.

After she was offered the Baylor job in 2000, Mulkey returned to Louisiana Tech and begged President Dan Reneau to give her a five-year contract to stay at the Ruston, La., school. “I got out of my chair, onto my knees, and begged that man for a five-year contract. Tears were flying everywhere. It was humiliating. I was a strong-willed woman who had never done anything like that in her entire life. I was trying to show him the passion I had for the university, the program. How could he not appreciate the loyalty I had shown them?”

3. Grant Teaff Tells the Real "Worm Story" on the Em Zone. Baylor sports stories don't get any better than Grant Teaff telling of his legendary motivational speech involving a worm that led to Baylor knocking off #9 Texas. Click here for the Em Zone Archive.

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Teaff: "Do I look like the kind of person that would eat a worm?"

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  • Mulk's book is fascinating, both for what is in it...and what isn't. For example, there's no photo of ex-husband Randy, despite 19 years of marriage.

    Grant Teaff is quoted: "She's just the embodiment of everything that you'd ever want in a coach," said Teaff. "I told her a couple of years ago: 'Kim, you can coach my sport. There's no doubt in my mind. That's what I live with every day and you can coach it.'" (page 106)

    However, with USA Basketball's Senior National Team playing the Lady Bears next Tuesday, I suspect Mulk is too busy to coach football. Hey, she's got books to sign.

    By Anonymous Scamp, at 5:44 AM  

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