Thursday, October 04, 2007

An Intern Asks: How Do I Woo A Spanish-Speaking Intern?


Dear BearMeat Editorial Board,

I have been working here at the ALICO for nearly seven months now. You probably wouldn't recognize me by sight, since my shift is from 9am till 5pm Monday through Friday. Lately I've developed a serious crush on Ecuadorian intern Concepcion Cienfuegos. She is the supervisory intern for proofreading the blog posts before they go live on the web. Her English isn't that good, so I've been taking some Spanish classes at MCC to attempt to relate to her and muster up the courage to ask her out. Is it possible for me to win her heart?


Amorous in the ALICO


Dear Amorous,

You are on the right track. Concepcion is the type of girl who appreciates making an effort. She puts much stock in the phrase "its the thought that counts." With that in mind, our Oso Amigo The Cachinnator has provided a documentary featuring 6th year intern Gunder Thorson (before he lost all hope) pitching woo to the Guvn'r's ex-wife, Sylvia Matamoros. Enjoy!

Red Andrews
Senior Editor of these here BearMeats



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