Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bear vs. Cow, Part 1: The Burnt Orange Nation Interview

As a part of our historic blog alliance agreement with Burnt Orange Nation we have swapped interviews with each other for the 97th meeting of our schools. While I like to remind Peter that Grant Teaff was 10-11 against Texas during his tenure at Baylor, and he likes to thank Baylor for the 1997 win which brought MacBrown to Austin, this is no rivalry. Let's not kid ourselves. Baylor will lose and lose bad. We can only hope that Texas will let us keep our dignity. What follows is a brief conversation with Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation. Click here for Burnt Orange Nation's interview of BearMeat, which is now live on the interweb.

BearMeat: How many Longhorn fans will be at Floyd Casey on Saturday? Why do they come to Waco to watch a ritual slaughter? How drunk and belligerent will they be?

Burnt Orange Nation: Per usual, I'm sure a little more than half the crowd at Floyd Casey will be clad in burnt orange. Why do they come? I'll give you my best guess as to the top five reasons:

5. Getting tickets to watch the Horns in Waco is far easier than getting tickets to watch 'em play in Austin.

4. The football season in Austin is a four-month binge of hedonistic partying, cursing, and swearing off God. Or at the least, that God's gone to Nashville. Best, then, to make the trip to Waco to purge a little, y'know?

3. There are far more hot Baylor girls than there are cool Baylor guys; such an imbalance requires outside intervention.

2. The game with Baylor usually comes soon after a stinging defeat and damnit, we're optimists. Nothing like a trip to the Casey to renew your vows to the 'Horns.

1. We know our chances of running into the Mulk in Austin are pretty slim...

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We'll Bring the White Girls, If You Bring the Bourbon

BM: Colt McCoy. Give us your honest assessment.

BON: Colt McCoy seems to be one of those rare athletes who's easy both to overrate and underrate. As is usually the case, the truth is somewhere between the fanboy love and glass-is-empty pessimists. He's definitely a far better playmaker than a lot of people realize, but the one area that I'm concerned with right now is his arm strength and accuracy on the deep ball. Texas' offense could be a bit of a paper tiger if Colt and Greg Davis don't figure out how to stretch the field with the vertical passing game better.

BM: Greatest Baylor v. UT memory (regardless of sport).

BON: For a close second place, I have to go with the BON Waco hoops road trip last spring. But my favorite Waco memory was of course 1997, which put the final nail in Mssr Mackovic's coffin. Did I ever buy you a drink for that? Remind me next time I'm in town. [He did not. We will remind him. - Eds.]

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Two CEOs: Goofus & Gallant

BM: Who will win the Big12 and why?

BON: In a one game playoff like the Big 12 championship, anything can happen, so I'll take a stab at who the participants might be.

South: In order of likelihood, I think it's Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Baylor. Honestly, the Red Raiders are this conference's most intriguing team at the moment, but they absolutely had to win that game in Stillwater.

North: In order of likelihood, I think it's Kansas, Missouri, Kansas State, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa State. Oddly, it's one of the more interesting divisions in college football this year. Kansas is undefeated, Missouri's got one of the best offenses in the country, and Kansas State and Colorado each have a marquis win over a South power. Should be fun to watch unfold.



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