Thursday, September 13, 2007

Meaty Tidbits

You are probably looking for some in-depth coverage of the Texas State game. Okay, here it is: We better not lose to Texas State. Baylor has never "officially" lost to a 1-AA program (save the "lost loss" to Lamar University in '81) and if we mess up that this season, the trip to Buffalo will be a long days journey into night. If you are looking for something a bit more substantive, go see BruinsBold. They do the analysis, we do the comedy. With that, here are a few Meaty Tidbits to aid your digestion as you sit and watch your soul rot in your cubicle in North Dallas, listening to your Aggie cubicle mate prattle on about how they are going to decimate "The U" aka Miami.

  • Wendy Does Waco has added images and reports on her trip to the Dancing Bear Pub. Her new multi-media approach to blogging bodes well for the future of zany Waco blogs.

  • Lyndon Baines Johnson was a graduate of Texas State (then Southwest Texas State Teacher's College - lesson: drop the regional affiliation and vocational reference and you are a state-wide university!) and the great-grandson of Baylor president George Washington Baines. If only he had attended BU, like his momma did - we'd have that presidential library by now. That is your historical link for Saturday's game. Here is a photo of LBJ just relaxin'.

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"Y'all Know I Love The Ladies"

  • Aggie Message Board,, posts mean photos of Baylor and rags on our school, our team, our pride and our traditions. Here is the thread. Below is an example of their inspired handiwork. To arms!

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    One Win in 20 Years - Gigged!


  • Prez Red,

    Gee whiz! Such critical observations from a bunch of bucolic bumpkins that attend a cow college that USNW&R reveals admits freshman WITH LOWER SAT SCORES than the B.

    This reminds me of a study I read about in the DMN a while back. Their research showed that the most imcompentent people have the least likelihood of realizing it.

    I suggest that a correlary exists such that the MOST ARROGANT PEOPLE are also some of the dumbest.

    P. WeEvil

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:32 AM  

  • Why is it that when Baylor alums become politicians, the funny and clever ones are all Democrats and the humorless dour ones are all Republicans?

    By Anonymous Loomisboy, Homeless Son of Samuel Brooks, at 5:06 PM  

  • Loomis Nino,

    I noticed that the place from which you hail is now a Ghost Town. I also noticed that the trio of blogmeisters that frequent this place are all also dedicated to ghosts. Is it okay that I posted, yet am still far from dead and never actually met a real ghost?

    When I first saw the Oregon Duck attacking the cougar I thought it was the WSU cougar. Lucky for you it was the Houston variant. I guess it was kind of ghostly.

    By Anonymous Pea Weevil, at 8:09 PM  

  • BearMeat: Where a ghost can be a ghost.

    By Blogger Senior Editor Red Andrews, at 6:13 AM  

  • God what a bunch of tools. We really need to beat them this year.

    By Blogger bluearmadillo, at 9:36 AM  

  • Why is it that when Baylor alums become politicians, the funny and clever ones are all Democrats and the humorless dour ones are all Republicans?

    Ahem. Funny and clever Republicans do exist (or at least I think I'm clever, on occasion). And you couldn't get much more humorless and dour than ex-Gov. Mark White, a Baylor Democrat.

    (Oh, and thanks for the Sepulveda shout-out.)

    -- CDE

    By Blogger Curtis, at 12:17 PM  

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