Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gameday Hijinks

As we gear up to thrash TX State, we would like to highlight the achievement of Curtis Edmonds, an Oso Amigo, who responded to our challenge to get back at the Aggies for this thread on Well, Curtis met that challenge and upped the ante. Click here for his new line of Aggie Demotivator posters. Below are two hilarious samples. Curtis will be journeying northbound (heh, heh) to New York for the Baylor vs Buffalo game next week and promises to bring back a full report and photos! Godspeed, Curtis!

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Fran Sucks. What else is new?

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Brock: Leader of Men

Also, thought we would share to juicy morsels of our ill-fated September 2006 advertising campaign, when we had about 3.5 readers. The first is my Letter to the Editor of the Lariat, in which they dropped the blog link and misinterpreted Class of 1871 for Class of 1971. Good thing they've got good fact checkers over there. Its not like the alumni directory is online or anything. Oh wait, it is.

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Next is our ad run in the September Rope. We're not sure anyone (including the NoZe Brothers) noticed. At least they made the appropriate meat joke, though.

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  • Oh man, I remember seeing both of those my senior year right after the link from Deadspin. You guys peaked too early.

    I thought that you were still putting the word out about the Meat, I suggest more interns getting BEARMEAT painted across their collective chests at the next home game.

    By Blogger BDP, at 11:19 AM  

  • BDP,

    You've been with us since the beginning. Your are our oldest and dearest reader/associate editor.

    We have actually quadrupled our readership since then. Those efforts were an early attempt to gain some exposure - they may have had some limited success. Our blog alliances seem to be a much more effective marketing tool, however.


    By Blogger Senior Editor Red Andrews, at 12:38 PM  

  • I noticed your Rope ad

    By Blogger NoZe, at 9:56 PM  

  • Thanks, NoZe!

    By Blogger Senior Editor Red Andrews, at 10:01 PM  

  • Thanks for sharing the Ag demotivators. Those made me laugh. Keep up the good work.

    By Blogger HeadThief, at 10:32 PM  

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