Monday, September 03, 2007

The Erin Andrews of Central Texas

There is almost nothing positive to say about Saturday's game except that it is over. GuyMo's Baby Bears dropped a giant, unpolished turd up in Ft. Worth, that the boys at will have to work very hard at polishing, in order to make it appear like USC's loss to Texas in the '06 Rose Bowl. However, just as we failed to meet the expectations outlined in our slogan "Defeat With Dignity" we did predict that "Every Turd Shall Blossom" and with that, we present perhaps the weekend's only highlight for Baylor football: WacoTrib reporter Emily Ingram's new video series, The EM Zone. Click here for her humorous interview with GuyMo. Based on a reader's comment, we thought it might be appropriate to point out that Em is the Central Texas Erin Andrews (ESPN sideline reporter and most male college sports bloggers fantasy date). See the two photos below and watch the video before making any comments - and be nice. [Want another photo of a BU sports hottie? Check out Rachael Johnson.]

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"You are now entering the EM Zone"

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Em & GuyMo share a laugh . . . sort of

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  • She's a keeper. Sic 'em, Em.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:20 PM  

  • Sic 'em, indeed!

    By Blogger Senior Editor Red Andrews, at 1:53 PM  

  • I like GuyMo.

    By Blogger Judge Baylor, at 2:36 PM  

  • Yeah, that interview is very endearing.

    By Blogger Senior Editor Red Andrews, at 3:26 PM  

  • Every post should have a picture of a babe in it somewhere. This is a good start.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:58 PM  

  • Baylor Sports Unlimited is no longer defunked... It has a new home and a renewed vigor.

    Let's hope those semi-HTML tags work...

    By Blogger JudgeChamber, at 4:07 PM  

  • Quarterback Subterfuge Blows Up on Hays & Morriss?

    I went to the TCU game this weekend hoping for a change from last season, and observed our QB situation pick up exactly where it left off in 2006. Blake continues to make poor throws, poor decisions, and fails to effectively go through his reads. Balls were badly overthrown, underthrown and forced to predestined receivers with other open receivers ignored. Syz has now thrown 10 interceptions in the past 4 games and is unable to get the ball in the end zone. I was absolutely shocked to read from the morning paper where Morriss now tries to shove the blame off on the O-line, running backs and receivers. Yes, the rest of our offense could have done better in certain situation, but I watched the game replay again on TV today and the QB situation was the driving factor and cost us numerous critical turnovers and ultimately kept us from putting points on the board.

    In retrospect after this performance, I am extremely suspect of our recent QB last minute "manipulation" and it bears taking another look at the weird turn of events leading into Fall practice where previously touted Machen and Weed were replaced almost immediately as soon as Fall practice began. Something just does NOT add up and it bears a careful look….

    Coming out of Spring ball, Machen was posted #1 on the depth chart with Weed at #2. As Summer practices progressed, it was reported that Weed had made a push and was running the first team offense in summer practices.

    Then, on 7-23-07 Dallas Morning News it was reported from the San Antonio "Baylor Blitz" Alumni Luncheon: Whoever wins the starting quarterback job at Baylor this season may be immaterial. Coach Guy Morriss is confident in both Michael Machen and John David Weed. "Machen has the upper hand because of his experience. But Morriss said Weed has closed the gap this summer as he becomes more familiar with the system. As for Szymanski, he's the distant No. 3 quarterback now. "It will be a two-man race going into camp," Morriss said."

    Then, the following day on 7-24-07, at "Media Day": Morriss states "I think that the quarterback situation is kind of clouded rather than cleared for two different reasons, I think. Number one, John David Weed has closed the gap, but John David is doing some things now that he did not do when he first arrived on campus. He's spent a lot more time in the film room. He's more familiar with the system. He's more comfortable with the system. He's closed the gap on Michael. "

    Then during the following SEVEN (7) days at other "Baylor Luncheons" in Austin, Houston, Dallas and Ft. Worth, Morriss tells the same story "face to face" to our faithful and trusting alumni and guests; that it is a "two man race" and that Machen & Weed will share all reps in Fall Practice to determine the ultimate starter.

    Then, literally only days later on Thursday, 8-2-05 Fall Camp 1st Practice, Machen must attend a summer class and does not attend practice. Syzmanski is allowed to share reps with Weed. Immediately after this first practice, Morriss now all of a sudden changes his story overnight as he is quoted: "We are just going to go through camp and let John David (Weed), Blake and Michael (Machen) battle it out for the starting job and see where the other two land (in the lineup). It's just going to be an ongoing, day-to-day process right now . Wait a minute….are you NOW changing your story after speaking for the past 7 days to alumni that it was a "two man race"???

    The very next day, on Friday 8-3-07, the story gets even more weird as Machen & Syzmanski share all the reps – and Weed gets NO reps!!! This continues with Weed getting ZERO reps for the next SEVEN (7) days despite Morriss’ misleading statement on 8-6-07, that "Weed is still in the equation." Then on Wednesday, 8-8-07 Fall Camp 7th Practice, Syzmanski injures ankle and Machen takes 100% reps with first team.

    The following day on Thursday 8-9-07, Machen & Weed split reps as Syzmanski sits out with ankle injury. Despite Morriss’ statement of 8-6-07 - just days before - ("Weed still in the equation"), quotes from Lee Hays interview just two days later state: "Right now, that's kind of my toughest job because the quarterbacks that I have are such good kids and they all work hard. But, there can only be one (starter). Right now, it is a two-man race between Blake (Szymanksi) and Mike (Machen). We are going to let the stats speak for themselves and may the best man win." What…??????

    The very next day, Friday 8-10-07, Weed takes 100% of reps. (Machen is forced to sit out and Syzmanski still out with ankle injury.). Waco Tribune reports " Junior quarterback John David Weed took the majority of snaps during the team period and looked sharp according to Morriss. "He did a good job, that was good to see," said Morriss. "He's got a wing, hasn't he? This is a good opportunity (with Szymanski sidelined with his ankle injury) for John David (Weed) and Michael (Machen) to get that many more reps." The next day, Saturday, 8-11-07, Machen & Weed split reps as Syzmanski continues to sit out with ankle injury.

    Then, on Monday, 8-13-07, after Weed has a good practice, out of the clear blue, #5 QB Beatty takes 100% of reps (Machen & Weed given NO reps and Syzmanski still out with ankle injury.) This repeats again the next day, on Tuesday, 8-14-07, as Beatty takes 100% of snaps in both practices while Machen & Weed sit out again; Syzmanski still out with ankle injury!! WHAT IS GOING ON??????? Next day, Wednesday, 8-15-07,Beatty & Machen share all reps (Weed gets NO reps and Syzmanski still out with ankle injury.)

    THEN, the final abrupt and weird twist unfolds on Thursday, 8-16-07, as Beatty & Syzmanski share all reps. (Machen & Weed get no reps.) Hays is quoted that day in saying: "We are at the point where we have to make a decision and that's the tough part of being a coach," said Hays. "Tyler (Beatty) has stepped up and done some great things. He's playing just as good as anyone else out here and he's a (redshirt) freshman. He hasn't had the reps that some of the other guys have had and for him to be going even par with the other guys, then I have to go with Tyler. "Right now it (the starting job) is between Tyler and Blake (Szymanski)," he added. "We are not going to count Blake out just because of an injury. He's still been attentive and been out there throwing 7-on-7. He knows the system and has done some good things (this fall). " (Note: After only 4 practices, Hays has promoted Beatty from zero reps and #5 on the depth chart to #2 QB and potential starter!!????)

    Beginning Friday, 8-17-07 and through the TCU game, Beatty & Syzmanski share ALL reps. (Machen & Weed get NO reps going forward.)

    While Morriss had complained of "consistency" problems of QB’s, he is clearly quoted later stating that "consistency" was still an issue with the "new" QB’s. Despite that they continued to get all the reps into the TCU game.

    I don’t know about you, but I sense a subterfuge. Based on last year’s finish, I would have fully expected Machen and Weed to be the starters for the TCU game. The timing and turn of events with the QB situation clearly do NOT add up, and judging from extremely disappointing QB performance against TCU, I would have expected some immediate changes; however, based on Morriss’ statements in unfairly directing the blame to O-line, WR’s and rest of offense, something is VERY strange. The rest of our Offense has to be very disheartened to bear this blame. Based on the obvious consensus in reading various boards over the past 48 hours, I suspect that if Hays & Morriss stick with their current QB "plan", it’s could be the beginning of the end over the next game or two. We have 3 "gimme games" before serious Big 12 action begins with A&M. TCU was NOT firing on all cylinders (without Tommy Blake and with new QB); otherwise, the outcome of the TCU game would have been much worse!

    Hays and Morriss better reevaluate things fast before we take another loss.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:27 AM  

  • Wow! Perhaps the Meatiest Comment of the Year, anon. Sounds like you are a BU Football Insider, no? Thanks for recapping the 4-QB Circus. Things are indeed looking rather dismal right now.


    By Blogger Senior Editor Red Andrews, at 5:22 AM  

  • come on anon,

    could you not at least reword your post from instead of blasting it on here verbatim?

    By Anonymous poopsandwich, at 2:31 PM  

  • Thanks for sticking up for our blog, PoopSammich! We'll send you a case of Rebel Yell whiskey and a pre-polished turd.

    By Blogger Senior Editor Red Andrews, at 3:41 PM  

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