Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bear vs. Bobcat: The Education of Blizzle Szyzzle

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"But who can endure the day of his coming? Who can stand when he appears? For he will be like a refiner's fire . . . " Malachi 3:2

If Blizzle Szyzzle (QB Blake Syzmanski) taught us anything these last two Saturdays, its that 400yd games are possible and also two 5 passing TD games in a row are possible. Last night against the salty BobCats, Blizzle threw for one yard shy of Baylor's single-game passing record, which he sat last week. Hopefully the Buffalo game will yield similar numbers. It seems that Lee Hays's AirBear is, if nothing else, putting up huge numbers in the stat sheet. I, for one, am very impressed. While we should have blown Texas State out, a win is a win. Right Jerry Hill? Right Bruins Bold? Now we look toward Buffalo and will trust that Curtis Edmonds will bring back a story for the ages. The defense played well, for the most part, and our young receiver corps is incredibly athletic and talented. We will be a force to be reckoned with in coming years; or so I am told.

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Blizzle Szyzzle Puts Some "Sizzle" on his Passes

Also, we're pretty sure Brock was at the game with a painted belly, but no one took any pictures. If you have a picture of Brock, BearMeat's lovable mascot and subject of last week's caption contest, please email it to With that we present today's Photo Caption Contest, which is a two-fold contest. First, either give us a witty caption for this photo or tell us which letter you would most likely "date":

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"The VMAs called and they want their 'Britney Costume' back"

Secondly, which one of these kids is most likely to be a misssionary to Africa?

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The "B": "When I grow up, I wanna be just like Brock."

Photos courtesy of another stellar WacoTrib Gameday Gallery.


  • "What does your 'B' stand for? Mine stands for 'Brock'. Wanna see my iPhone?"

    "Wow! Yeah, I *didn't* have the grades to get into Texas Tech! Like, how did you know?"

    "Let's go Boobcats, let's go!"

    By Blogger Curtis, at 7:56 AM  

  • "Get the wide-angle lens so you can see the really big girls spelling 'Goldthwait.'"

    "Wow, you were right! With all this body paint you can't eve see the fungus."

    "What do you mean you feel naked in front of all these people? There are, like, 42 people here."

    From l-to-r: Wishing she were somewhere else, Ate the T, Enjoying her Dr. Pepper, Enjoying her "Dr. Pepper" wink wink nudge nudge, Changed allegiance and is now giving a Sic 'em Bears, Clearly a Baylor girl who lost a bet, Is still looking for the Y and the M that should be to the right of the C.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:24 AM  

  • Cach,

    That was hilarious. Thank you. Especially the "L-to-R" bit.


    Godspeed you on your journey to the frozen North.


    By Blogger Senior Editor Red Andrews, at 1:55 PM  

  • I would most likely "date" letter C. She's a hotty from afar, but probably far from a hotty. As for the missionary bit, my bet's on the second kid from the left. There's just something about him...

    By Blogger Sunshine Scooter, at 8:22 AM  

  • I guess we cut them slack for the thier age, but can't we teach our young fans how to spell?

    I so rule over these turds, I can spell B E A R S... yyeeeeaaahhhhh!!!!!!

    By Anonymous poopsandwich, at 9:46 AM  

  • Wow. The level of talent at TSU has really gone downhill since I was there.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:43 AM  

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