Monday, September 17, 2007

Are You "Baylor Proud?"

Just in time for the Fall semester, Baylor Public Relations unveiled their newest project: a blog about all things Baylor - Baylor Proud! From Youtube clips to sports news to administrative initiatives, Baylor Proud seeks to put Baylor's best foot forward in the blogosphere. Its a well-designed blog that seems to have a finely tuned ear to cultural things, but isn't a blog about how great Baylor is kind of redundant? I mean, BearMeat basically does all of that and more! If you have a chance, let us know what you think of Baylor Proud.

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Spawn or Competitor of BearMeat?


  • looks sharp, but then again who knows what kind of content it will spew forth. hopefully a little less censored than the lariant, less crude than the rope, and less creepy than the iconoclast.

    well, it isnt k-state's newest attempt at inspiring fans to come to the game ( nor is it this overall App. State disaster highlighted by EDSB last year ( someone in both these marketing departments needs to be shot, shot multiple times.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:37 PM  

  • How perceptive of you, anon! Thanks for the comments.

    By Blogger Senior Editor Red Andrews, at 2:40 PM  

  • A run for your money, Red? Never. The site looks mighty nice, and is info-full for sure, but there's no self deprecation. Life without self deprecation is merely delusion.I remain a Bear Meat loyalist, for what it's worth.

    BTW, the App State video was confusing. Are there 2 App State's? because the one I know well, in Boone, NC, would have a promotional video with lesbians going hiking and stoners eating spaghetti and peanut butter.

    By Anonymous wendy, at 3:17 PM  

  • Not to worry, Red! Looks to me like more of the usual cant from the Marketing Department. I unsubscribed immediately.

    I prefer BearMeat for my daily dose of the B. The rest I'll get from BAA. Keep up the good work.

    By Anonymous Osodelasombra, at 4:59 PM  

  • Thanks, Wendy!

    Thanks, Oso!

    By Blogger Senior Editor Red Andrews, at 5:19 PM  

  • yes, there must be two app states... one app state that would dare contrive such a horrible video (and also admit that poor miss teen south carolina to their university - you know, the one who butchered the geography question). the second app state is the one that beat michigan, week 1.

    its the same parallel universe charlie weiss finds himself living in as lead-dog for the 2nd most winningest program in college football who lost in a "battle of the 0-2's," against the most winningest program ever.

    twilight zone 2007.

    -anonymous poster from earlier today; don't know why my name didn't show.

    By Blogger Joshua, at 9:46 PM  

  • Long Live BearMeat!

    By Blogger Big Daddy Weave, at 12:16 AM  

  • Big Daddy Weave,

    You are a man among boys. 'Nuff said.



    Welcome aboard.


    By Blogger Senior Editor Red Andrews, at 5:34 AM  

  • Is this an extension of

    Just wondering...

    By Anonymous poopsandwich, at 9:50 AM  

  • Untill they can match Bearmeat's coverage of white women, I'm skipping "Baylor Proud."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:51 PM  

  • PoopSammich,

    Your name is hereby nominated for a Meaty Award.


    We bring the white women coverage - all you have to do is read. Baylor Proud seems much more anti-white women than our blog.

    By Blogger Senior Editor Red Andrews, at 7:16 PM  

  • Bah. They're not ever going to write anything interesting, not like this, they're not.

    By Blogger Curtis, at 8:29 AM  

  • Bearmeat craps bigger than Baylor Proud.

    By Blogger Papa, at 10:32 AM  

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