Thursday, August 23, 2007

GuyMo Home For Sale Update: Media Frenzy!

J-Swan has created an NCAA Division 1 media tiff. There we said it. Going on his tip, we researched Baylor Coach Guy Morriss's sale of property. We uncovered that he indeed was selling his 11.6 acre ranch for 1.25 million in this post. We also received an email from the realtor explaining his decision to sell the house. When we posted this on the Baylor sports message board,, aka, the thread was deleted by the moderators after many calls for its deletion by the commenters (reason: irrelevant and inappropriate). A subsequent thread on the same topic was deleted, supposedly for similar reasons. Our story was picked up by the Dallas Morning News's Tim McMahon (who was emailed the property listing by a friend) and then mentioned on air by Ft. Worth's KXAS-NBC weekend sports anchor Newy Scruggs, aka "The Newsdawg." This in turn enraged WacoTrib Bear Blogger Jerry Hill who has denounced all of this as rampant speculation in his new post "Think Before You Speak (or Blog)!" For the record, thinking is what lead us to this situation - we inquired and hoped others would provide explanations, which they more or less did. We support GuyMo and think he has done a decent job making Baylor competitive again by winning multiple conference games and ensuring that Baylor isn't an automatic "W" on every team's schedule.

I suppose Jerry Hill's point is that there is a difference between professional journalism and internet speculation and McMahon and the Newsdawg may have crossed that line. Surely, he can't be pointing the finger at BearMeat, which has singlehandedly altered the perception of Baylor athletics for the better for new generations of sports fans and students. Our work here is intended to be light-hearted and fun and to celebrate our school, our town and our sports. We do not want to bring down anyone and apologize if we have caused any harm.



  • Ummm . . . my bad.

    By Blogger Jonathan Swanburg, at 11:05 AM  

  • I concur with Red's comments on the Bear Blog that GuyMo has done significantly better than his predecessors. Furthermore, I fear than many fans loyal to The B are myopic in their lust for Samurai Mike to be introduced as the new coach. Do they realize that if (when) Singletary is hired, he can never be fired? GuyMo has begun to instill consistency in the program, which is exactly what we need right now. To cut him loose would be a grave error...of course, The B has shown a remarkable proclivity for such events.

    By Blogger The Humble Best, at 12:14 PM  

  • I find the notion laughable that writing about a Big 12 coach putting his house up for sale is off-limits. For crying out loud, the guys covering college sports full-time would analyze a coach's stool samples if they could figure out access.

    By Anonymous Loomisboy, Homeless Son of Samuel L. Brooks, at 1:11 PM  

  • I think that Jerry Hill should have done some more research on this story.

    Not once did he mention BearMeat or the real culprit behind this...J-SWAN!!!

    Get a rope and fire up the spit, Prez. Let's get some SwanMeat.

    By Blogger Pat Neffistopheles, at 1:38 PM  

  • Hmmm.... analyzing a coach's stool samples. Interesting idea.

    There's *always* a way. (Insert maniacal laughter track here) ht

    By Anonymous corn blight, at 5:05 PM  

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