Friday, August 03, 2007

A Few Juicy Morsels

Just a few loose odds and ends that seemed noteworthy:

  1. Baylor President John Lilley's successor at Nevada-Reno is universally praised for not being like Lilley. Sounds like Sloan's successor at Baylor. Wait, that's Lilley.

  2. Baylor softball signs high school phenom pitcher Shaina Brock. What is she doing in college anyway? With that name, she needs to be hired immediately as the spokesperson for Shiner Bock.

  3. Update: Thanks to LandThieves for the article on Joe Jamail's impressive donation to the Travis County Jail in order to upgrade the workout facility for UT's football players who currently reside there.

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Shiner Bock: Part of a Balanced Breakfast


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