Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ESPN's Pat Forde Mocks Baylor

Though we are currently under contract with ESPN, thanks to our Blog Alliance with Matt Mosley of ESPN's Hashmarks (NFL Blog), for one (1) TCU preview, we had to mention that Pat Forde made a derisive comment about our new state-of-the-art practice facility in his column today about newsworthy football programs:

But what about the rest of the nation? Baylor -- yes, even Baylor -- quotes its athletic director, Ian McCaw, saying the Highers Athletic Complex "will be recognized throughout the Big 12 and the nation as one of the premier athletic facilities." Arkansas says it "offers the finestfacilities in the nation." Give Rutgers, Pitt, Baylor and Arkansas a few years to sell their buildings and we should be seeing them in BCS bowls regularly. Right?

Damn. We can't buy a break even when we shell out the big $$ for a fancy practice facility.

Also, does anyone think GuyMo himself may be in the running for starting QB? I heard there is a new walk-on who's been practicing with the team named Bawn Shell that everyone keeps talking about. He seems very familiar with the Air Bear offense.

Also, Wendy Does Waco unveils Wendy's new look, which is pretty nice.


  • I think Pat might be a little pissed that yet another Big 12 South team is poised to pass his beloved Missouri Tigers.

    By Blogger The Humble Best, at 8:55 AM  

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