Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Around the Quad: Teaff vs Spurrier

Too much bizarre news. Must dispense with traditional "around the quad" pleasantries. So sorry,

1. Grant Teaff vs Head Ball Coach. According to the Ft. Worthless Star-Telegram Grant Teaff, Baylor coaching legend and president of the American Football Coaches Association, has set his sights on South Carolina head coach, Steve Spurrier.

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Teaff: "So Old Ball Coach been chasin' tail and votin' for Duke?" Jack White (the painter): "Yessir, The Visor done chased that tail all the way to South Carolina."

The Head Ball Coach has been voting for Duke as the #25 team in the country in the American Football Coaches Association preseason poll, which is beginning to throw a tiny monkeywrench into the BCS calculations. Teaff has been sent on a mission to regulate Spurrier's voting irregularities. It could get ugly. Click Clack. Here is Spurrier defending his actions.

2. Hogwarts is actually the name of the "residential college" movement. There are coincidences and then there are coincidences. We named Around the Quad thinking we came up with it, then found out that the Baylor Line alumni magazine calls its news briefs by the same name. As regular readers of the Baylor Line, it was possible that we could have subconsciously come up with that title, having been exposed to it in the past. However, our post on the new Brooks "College" comparing it to Hogwarts from the Harry Potter books, is apparently one of a series of observations about the "residential college movement". This link may blow your mind. Apparently, advocates of the residential college movement actually invite the comparison and think it a favorable one for their elitist cause. How bizarre. Anyway, we just wanted to point that out and state that we had no idea that even the proponents of the Brooks "College" model of collegiate housing actually make the comparison to Harry Potter. Damn. We promise we discovered this after we published our post.

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Welcome to Brooks "College"

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