Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Around the Quad: Cancun Edition

To all the new freshman, especially the 63% who are female:

Beware those would lead you astray. Stay on the straight and narrow at least until you have to pledge a sorority. If you find yourself pledging KD this January, we will say a prayer for your soul (and future). Remember that there are nearly 2 girls for every guy at Baylor now, so now you have to work extra hard to attain that ultra-competitive Mrs. degree (#4 most competitive Mrs degree program in the nation according to US News & World Report). However, that shouldn't mean compromising your virtues - but it probably will. Good luck and God speed! Here's some news from Around the Quad to distract you from lamenting Baylor's turn to primarily a school for closeted gay guys (thanks Hogwarts!) and marriage-minded girls from the Houston and Dallas suburbs. [There used to be some red-blooded heteros around this place until they started taming them all and placing them back in a protective habitat. - Eds.]

Red Andrews
Senior Editor, BearMeat

1. Scott Drew is taking the Gentleman Bears to Cancun! Yes, you read that right. According to the Waco Trib, Scott Drew is taking his International Three-Point Carnival to Mexico. With half the squad not hailing from the U.S., this may be a welcome change of scenery for some. For the poontangers of the team (you know who you are, Emu) this should be an opportunity to sample the local cuisine, if you know what I mean. If we beat the two teams we have scheduled in Mexico, will that count as a road win? Or do games against foreign teams count? Either way, the clock is still ticking on Scott Drew's 4 Year Road Losing Steak. No, we haven't forgot.

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Mamadou: "I Shall Return From Cancun With a Mexican Bride"

2. Chum's New UT Video: Longhorn Fronteir Overview, Parts I & II. Basically, a Kansas State message board contributor and video artist-extrodinaire, chum, is in the business of making incredibly beautiful Big12 Team Videos. He made the following custom video for PB at Burnt Orange Nation and it is God's Truth. A few months ago he made one for BearMeat and it seemed like the work of the Holy Ghost. If you haven't seen RoxyMeat on our sidebar, you better watch it immediately or you will never understand what BearMeat is all about. We interviewed this amazing artist a few months back about his craft.

3. BlogPoll. BearMeat has decided to participate in the Blog Poll Voters. Here is our pre-season poll. It may look familiar.

1Southern Cal 25
2West Virginia 24
3Michigan 23
4Texas 22
5LSU 21
6Oklahoma 20
7Hawaii 19
8Louisville 18
9Florida 17
10Virginia Tech 16
11Florida State 15
12Penn State 14
13Ohio State 13
14South Carolina 12
15Alabama 11
16Missouri 10
17Oregon 9
18Texas A&M 8
19Tennessee 7
20Oklahoma State 6
21Wisconsin 5
22Georgia 4
23UCLA 3
24TCU 2
25California 1

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