Monday, August 27, 2007

Are You Ready For Some Football?

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"More Than Just a Game" = We Will Lose Most of Our Games

  • Baylor Athletics Unveils the 2007 Football Media Guide. The section on individual passing records pretty much demonstrates that Shawn Bell was the greatest QB in the B's 109 year program history. Obviously, Sepulveda was the greatest punter of all time, maybe even in all of college football.

  • Also, did anyone get the season poster and see the two images at the bottom? I couldnt' locate a copy on the web, but one photo shows a football just shy of the first down marker (are we supposed to assume that Baylor is on defense for that play or are we to assume that we will fall short of many a first down on offense?) and another photo shows a dude with a very sarcasitc expression next to a girl who is exuberantly cheering. [If anyone has a digital copy, please email it to us.] Is BU Athletics subtlely communicating that it understands the frustrations of Baylor football fans and the culture of defeat and humiliation? The "More Than Just a Game" theme from this year's marketing campaign seems to suggest that we are encouraged to have low expectations about the outcome of most games. Sic 'em?

  • Also, GuyMo announces his three captains for this year's squad: Senior running back Brandon Whitaker, senior deep snapper Jonathan Weeks and sophomore linebacker Joe Pawelek, aka JoePaw (which is a terrible college football nickname - we need to do a lot better - no sense in confusing our future all-american linebacker with HOF coach Joe Paterno). The Three Horseman shall lead us to Defeat With Dignity! (BearMeat's unofficial theme for this year - just kidding . . . or are we?)

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"We Three Kings, Of Waco Are"



  • The Baylor Football Media Guide: All of the depression of Russian literature, but only in 208 pages.

    Really, do we need 208 pages on Baylor football? What sort of masochist would read that? Kafka would think it too depressing.

    The only thing worse would be reading one page on Aggie football.

    By Blogger Poseur, at 12:14 PM  

  • Zing! Damn, Poseur that comment was hilarious. You just earned a nomination for Meatiest Comment for the Month of August.

    Well spoken, sir,


    By Blogger Senior Editor Red Andrews, at 12:36 PM  

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