Thursday, August 23, 2007

AgricMeat: They Have a Gym Team?

Greetings, beloved Meaty Readers.

Questions! Do you giggle a little bit or rotundly LOL when you watch sports bloopers videos? Would it be different if it was Agric bloopers? Do you like peanut butter and chocolate....mixed together??? Revolutionary!

The following is what I call YouTube gold. A kind and warmhearted person has compiled a video of the best falls and crashes from the Agric's 2007 gymnastic season. They appear to be a club team, so don't go thinking you're watching the next Bart Conner or Nadia Comaneci. It's more like watching Cleetus Del Roy Spuckler and Eleanor Roosevelt attempt to defy the odds of gravity.

Enjoy and Sic 'em.



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