Saturday, July 28, 2007

Baylor vs Notre Dame: The Battle for Faith & Learning

Well, it's official. According to Jerry Hill at the Trib, Baylor will play Notre Dame in the new Cowboys stadium in 2012. This will be just in time to show off our $2 billion endowment and the fact that we just made the top-tier (top 50) of doctoral-granting institutions in the USNews rankings of colleges and universities. This will be a perfect national stage for our beloved university. Can you imagine all the bright, ambitious, upper-middle class Evangelical students with a mild interest in football, who, after watching the B get pummeled by Notre Dame, think to themselves:
"Do I belong at Baylor? It seems to be a comparable institution to Notre Dame, it seems to value a faith commitment, and, based on the outcome in this football match, its priorities are obviously academic and not athletic. Perhaps I shall send an application down to the sleepy hamlet of Waco and even prepare a campus visit with my social-climber parents. Yes, Baylor may just be the place for me, not Stanford, not Duke, and surely not Columbia. No, I shall travel from my family's home which is far from Texas and study at Baylor."

Of course, that is exactly how it will work. Sloan's vision is coming into fruition. South Bend-on-the-Brazos is nearly here. We are becoming the great institution of faith and learning. We are Baylor. Above. Beyond.

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Welcome to Baylor, high-achieving students!


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