Sunday, June 03, 2007

Onward Baylor Soldiers: From Whence Cometh My Help

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help." Psalms 121:1

AggieKillers: Our Warrior-Princesses Fought Valiantly

And then there was track. After a strong finish to the season, both men's baseball and women's softball have fallen. The women made us more than proud, getting to the College World Series and defeating the despised Ags. Steve Smith's boys did a comendable job as well, taking down Prarie View A&M before falling to TCU again in the NCAA Regional in H-Town. So much for our dreams of another NCAA Championship. Maybe next year. A fine end to two sports that we never feel ashamed of as Baylor fans. Well-played, Bears, well-played.

White Girls: Our Last, Best Hope

Yet, what we have left over before the summer doldrums is Track & Field, which will be competing in the Men's 4x400m, 4x100m, individual 200 and 400, women's 800m, women's 4x400 and 4x100. Our last, best hope for this rather disappointing school year for BU sports is another 4x400m championship. We are QuarterMilerU and that Gold Medal is ours! Just as all things at The B, just when you begin to despair, hope rears its beautiful head once again. We've got a great track and field team that always does us proud and always brings home the gold from the NCAAs. Let's Go Bears!

Million-Dollar Mulk: Proud Supporter of BU Softball
[Photo Courtesy of Scamp, Pirated Once Again from the WacoTrib]

[All apologies for a post devoid of humorous content, but w/o consistent TV coverage, the BearMeat Editorial Board begins to lose focus, withdraw inward, and drink a bit too much Rebel Yell. We call on our readers to assist us through the summer in preparing for the football season and keeping us entertained; don't let us lose focus, or we shall surely perish, along with the ill-fated Baylor Sports Unlimited. - Eds.]

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  • Uh . . . I don't know about any of the other regular readers of this blog, but the "white women" jokes have got to stop. I am a caucasian BU alumna who is deeply offended by the characterization of Baylor as the protector of white female chastity - especially since I lost my "V" to Brian Skinnner.

    Sic 'em!
    Class of '98

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:22 PM  

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