Sunday, June 17, 2007

Jeremy Wariner: Adidas Spokesman

Gold Medalist Jeremy Wariner stars in Adidas' latest advertising campaign: Impossible is Nothing. Nice video of a Baylor Track legend.

Just for good measure, here is the NBC Broadcast of Wariner's 400 m Gold Medal run. This helped exorcise the demons of the Bliss/Dennehey/Dotson affair that cast a dark cloud on our athletics program. The actual race is at 3:50 minutes in.

Tom Hammond: "The Line of Succession in the 400 meters runs straight through Waco, Texas."

And finally, the 400 meter run of Baylor alum Michael Johnson in his historic 1996 Olympic performance (his 200 meter run, when divided by two, would be the world record for the 100 meter to this day).


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