Friday, June 29, 2007

How Joe Jamail Conquered the World

Joe Jamail is a famous Texas trial lawyer. He has reportedly received nearly hundreds of millions (he is a billionaire) in fees over his legal career. His $11 billion dollar verdict in the Pennzoil v Texaco case in the 1980s was the largest ever collected. Most of that money has gone to assisting the University of Texas in purchasing the best football team it can assemble. With the kind of money he has donated to the ShortHorns, the damn field at DKR/Memorial is named after him. This video will show just how his unique brand of lawyering got him where he is today and how UT has afforded their success.


  • My last year at UT Law, Joe Jamail gave a big wad of money to the law school, and they renamed the library after him. (Nice, considering it was already named after someone else.) Anyway, they put up a painting of Jamail and three of his buddies up outside the library. It's their regular golf foursome, and they were all dressed in horrible pastel plaid outfits.

    Outside of the '98 K-State - Baylor game, it's the most hideous thing I've ever seen in my life.

    By Blogger Curtis, at 7:52 AM  

  • Yeah, that guy is UT's Vic Feazell, except hardly as cool. Maybe if he had an awesome website, I'd think differently.

    If he and Vic went head to head in the courtroom, I imagine the courtroom would explode out of the sheer awesomeness.

    By Blogger Red Andrews, at 11:38 AM  

  • After tort reform and the election all Republican appellate courts, Jamail couldn't make a dime in this day and time. Oddly, I wish he was born 50 years later so that I could watch him starve.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:59 PM  

  • Nah, he'd still find a way to get a billion dollars. Guys like that are predators. He'd be sitting atop some self-made fortune in some other industry if tort-reform existed.

    Men like that built this country and run this country.

    By Blogger Red Andrews, at 8:45 AM  

  • I agree with Red, people like Jamail don't starve, they conquer. We are lucky he went into the law and isn't today known as Generalissimo Joe Jamail.

    By Blogger Judge Baylor, at 11:33 PM  

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