Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Baptists Have More Fun: Streaking the A&M Game

The danger of concepts like congregational autonomy and the priesthood of the believer is that occasionally some derranged alumni or student will misapply such concepts as justifying their penchant for streaking during a nationally-broadcast 2005 Baylor Baseball home game against A&M. Streaking Aggie games is the only way to show our disapproval of the Agric worldview and lifestyle choices, but it is also a misguided theological point. From here on out, we challenge all Baylor sports fans to start a tradition of streaking at outdoor events where we play the Agriculturalists. Why? Because they deserve it. According to the official Baylor Athletics site: "The Streaker scaled the outfield wall, swam the Brazos and was never heard from again." Swam the Brazos! Kudos, anonymous Baylor streaker. Kudos.

Note: For all those who say Baylor is too puritanical and uptight, listen to the crowd cheer as the naked man climbs the outfield wall: he has triumphed over the forces of decency and is audibly rewarded for it. This man, just like Leighton Radtke, is another embodiment of the spirit of these here BearMeats. Also, note that he climbs over the wall close to the George's sign. Coincidence or clever marketing? You be the judge.

The Youtube description of the clip is pure BearMeat gold:
A Baylor University fan streaks at a Baylor vs. aTm baseball game while holding a sign that read 35-34 which was the score of the Baylor vs. aTm football game in which Baylor defeated the Aggies in a double overtime comeback victory. After the streak in the bottom of the 9th inning at the baseball game, Baylor scored 7 runs once again defeating the Aggies in a comeback victory. Several Aggies were later seen in the parking lot crying.


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