Sunday, June 10, 2007

Around the Quad: Wendy Does Waco

[This sudden fury of Sunday morning posting may give you the idea that we have skipped church this morning. Nonesense, Rev. Raymond Bailey of Seventh & James Baptist Church personally stopped by the ALICO this morning to administer the Holy Sacrament to the entire BearMeat Editorial Board, so that we could meet deadline with out stopping for religious services. (Our publishing deadline is ALWAYS Sunday at noon, for some strange reason). Recently, Sironia and The B have been tickling the curiosity of the Editorial Board, so we can't resist the call of the Spirit, when summoned. Enjoy! - Eds.]

1. Men's Track 4x400m National Champs Again! Link to BU Athletics Story. Kudos to Todd Harbour (rightful heir to the legacy of BU legend Clyde Hart) and the swift-footed sprinters of BU: Reggie Witherspoon, freshman and Waco High grad LeJerald Betters, Kevin Mutai, and Quentin Iglehart-Summers, as they set a new school record of 3 minutes and 0.04 seconds! This is saying something considering the giants who have preceded them at Quarter-Miler U. (Uhh, Olympic Gold Medalists Michael Johnson (world record holder in both 200m and 400m) and Jeremy Wariner come to mind.) To celebrate, here is (already!) footage of the vitory in which LeJerald smokes an Aggie and Iglehart-Summers pounds the nail in the Aggie coffin. Sic 'Em! Thanks to "Baylorfan" for yet another great Youtube offering.

2. Wendy Does Waco. BearMeat would like to extend a hearty Cen-Tex blogging welcome to WacoTrib blogger extrodinaire, Wendy Gragg, whose new blog, Wendy Does Waco, already has an account of her trip to Cameron Park where a man exposed himself to her (Waco We Do Public Indecency!). Gold. Wendy has Central Texas bonafides in that she used to work for the paper in Killeen and blogged the hell out of American Idol (unfortunately, with a decidedly anti-Sanjaya perspective) for the Trib earlier this year.

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Wendy: Waco I Do!

Her "Learning to Heart Waco" column caused us a few tears. We would like to nominate her for "Best Newcomer to Waco" for our annual "Meaties" Award Ceremony, which would put her among such esteemed company as Ted Nugent, John Lilley, and Dave Cunningham (back in jail in Waco). A sample of her passion for Waco:

I (heart) Waco because of the handmade pink ribbon elephant in the window of Bloomingals downtown. I love it for the view along Lakeshore Drive. I love it because the people at the Richland Mall Hot Topic store are a rare mix of cool and friendly. I (heart) Waco for the bridge that lights up at night, and for the ountless bridges and partial bridges that I wonder about on my way to work each day. I love that the First United Methodist Church allows communion junkies like me to partake every week. And I love the small, sweet altars to the Virgin Mary that I pass every day on my way home. I (heart) Waco for the hot fudge brownies at The Olive Branch on Franklin Avenue and for the gyro sandwich at D’s Mediterranean Grill on Colcord Avenue. And because I love those things, I plan to start loving all the hike and bike paths Waco has to offer as well.

Also, we like her because she introduced us to this New York Times Travel Section's "American Journey's" article on Waco, "In Obliging Waco, Dr. Pepper is the King," which included this gem when describing the "Sissy" BBQ sauce at Rudy's (which they probably thought was a "local" place): "It also sells a “sissy” sauce, but you haven’t come to Waco to be a sissy, have you?"

Green & GOLD.

Sic 'Em!

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