Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Around the Quad: Wacofabulous

Dear Readers,
Please permit this brief interlude from our continuing coverage of The Baylor Bomber. If you have never viewed the photo essays on Central Texas Prom Season, then you have never lived. While we hate to announce news prematurely (especially since the Waco High pics aren't online yet), we'd like to introduce our readers to the fashion folkways of the students of University High. The sartorial splendor can be described with only one word: Wacofabulous.


The BearMeat Editorial Board

Future BearMeat Interns in Casual Attire

1. University High Prom Pics. This link will bring you to a world of visual delights. It may cause you to revaluate your views on Waco, Central Texas, and local fashion. Enjoy!

BearMeat Intern D'Andre "Pimpalicious" D'Alsandro, Our First Blind Intern

2. Daniel Sepulveda, Pittsburgh Steelers Hearthrob. Thanks to Pittsburgh-area blog, The Burgh for introducing Daniel "Danny Boy" Sepulveda to Steelers fans around the world. The Sepulvedamania has moved from mild crush to sexual obsession. Click here for their lustfull worship of our chaste punter. If you don't believe us, check this photo out:

When Did Danny Boy Become a Calvin Klein Model?

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