Friday, June 29, 2007

Around the Quad: The Office's SWC Rivalry

[Dear Readers,

Pardon this brief break in the BearBacker Voices Summer Lecture Series. We have at least four more lectures to go, including Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation, former McLennan County DA Vic Feazell, Matt Mosley of ESPN, and Associate Editor Brandon Dean Price. Sometimes we've gotta actually do some posting ourselves. While we have had trouble commandeering sea-worthy vessels in order to get to work amidst this flooding, Gov. Pat had a pontoon boat that we've been using to navigate the Venice-like streets of Waco. Thankfully, Senior Intern Gunder Thorson actually lives on the 13th Floor and was able to gather some Meaty Tidbits for publication. Enjoy!

Red Andrews
Senior Editor, BearMeat]

1. John Edwards Visits Waco to see Democratic Kingmaker Bernard Rapoport. John Edwards made a brief stop in Waco yesterday to see Bernard Rapoport and beg him for campaign contributions in unmarked U.S. currency. We know this process well, as our humble, coal-powered blog is primarily sustained by a grant from the Rapoport Foundation. Basically, Mr. Rappoport is the underwriter of our blog. You may have detected our partisan bias. That is mandated from our very own left-wing Rupert Murdoch. This impromptu visit by the former Senator prompted our very own Wendy (Who Does Waco) to exclaim: "Waco: Big Ballin' and Shot Callin'." We couldn't agree more.

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Our Underwriter

2. Where Are They Now - Baylor Alumni Edition. We are pleased to announce that former BearMeat Intern Angela Kinsey (B.A. 1993), who stars as Angela Martin on NBC's The Office has been flinging her green and gold afar on TV, making sure to stick it to Brian Baumgartner (the fat accountant) who plays Kevin on the show. Why? Because he graduated from SMU, dammit! (that last link is really worth it, for fans of The Office)

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Angela, center, Brian, right, Random Mexican, left

So basically, the accounting department at Dunder Mifflin is home to a real-life Old Southwest Conference rivalry between the righteous Bears and the scandal-ridden Mustangs. I'm sure the debates between those two get quite heated. Also, for good measure, Angela was a Chi Omega, with whom we have set up a special intern scholarship contest (which is actually based on a "Whale-Tail" competition that is held every summer at Pecan Bottoms in Cameron Park). It's actually pretty funny that the uptight, religious girl on The Office is actually a graduate of Baylor (because that is especially not the case for the Chi O's that we know!). In an interview with the Lariat, Angela had this to say about The B: "If there was ever an Alfred Hitchcock movie about Baylor it would be called The Squirrels."

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Winner of BearMeat's 1990 Chi O Whale Tail Scholarship

3. New Oso Amigo & One Old One: Geaux Tuscaloosa! & Clone Chronicles. As a result of our recent Alliance with Poseur, he of the BearBacker Voices fame, we have come into contact with a hot, new LSU blog run by attorney Richard Pittman, aka PittNasty. Geaux Tuscaloosa seems generally to be about LSU football and living among the enemy. Pittman lives and breathes the mighty Tigers and we wish him well in his blogventures. The second Oso Amigo news item is that our only Iowa State amigo, CrossCyed (who interviewed the Editorial Board a few months back) has morphed into a beautiful blog butterfly, Clone Chronicles (no, not this Clone Chronicles, the one about the Iowa State Cyclones). We hope you check both these wonderful new blogs out.



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