Monday, June 25, 2007

Around the Quad: Kate at the Gate

1. Kate at the Gate. Thanks to BearMeat WacoTrib Liaison and Assistant Editor Wendy Gragg (Wendy Does Waco), we were alerted to the presence of an awesome WacoTrib endeavor, called Kate at the Gate, which sent out WacoTrib reporter Kate Heine to local high school football games to chronicle and celebrate Waco's own Friday Night Lights. The clip below is of her trip to the Waco High vs South Garland game. Click here for the WacoTrib's Youtube video archive, including the other 4 installments of Kate at the Gate where she goes to Midway, Robinson, Crawford and China Spring.

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  • As I understand it, Kate "At the Gate" Heine has left the W for her home state of Mizzou. No more Kate at the Gate (at least not in Waco anyway).

    By Anonymous Vernon Howell, at 12:06 AM  

  • Wow Vernon Howell (aka David Koresh) makes an appearance.

    I guess you hang around in Waco long enough and the ghost will always come back around . . .

    Kate at the Gate, R.I.P.

    By Anonymous Jessica Simpson, at 5:16 AM  

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