Thursday, May 31, 2007

WildCatMeat: Extra Innings

It's still a ballgame folks. Dare I say it's a late night in the Alico? The Lady Bears are sporting some sweet softball uniforms and are hanging in with #1 seed 'Zona. We've got some lovely looking ladies out there. Baylor has gotten this far due to a passball or two, and I am learning some new rules to the game of softball in the process. Hey, what's the deal with the batter box in softball? It seems like every WildCat baller leaves the box before each pitch, trying to get that extra couple feet towards the first base. It's worked a couple of times with no arguments, so I guess that's cool in the world of "soft"ball. That ball ain't soft by the way.

The WildCat pitcher is around 150 pitches now. I would like to see that with some baseball pitchers now a days. Not gonna happen. I gotta say this is pretty exciting. The Bears are on national TV. ESPN wants to show SportsCenter. Gotta show some BronBron highlights. But they got a contract! Gotta show the whole game. This ain't no NHL games, corporate folk. Anyway, we're going to another inning. I'll check back with you all if I am still awake. I see this game going at least 12 innings.

Let's go Bears. Take down them defending national champs. Sic 'Em!!

Oh shit....homerun 'Zona. Game over. Good game Bears. That sucks.

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  • Hey, Mulk is at the WCWS games! (I knew there was a reason to watch softball on TV.)

    Waco Trib photo #103 features everyone's favorite women's basketball coach, looking cool in Baylor green.

    By Blogger Scamp, at 5:35 PM  

  • Scamp!

    Thanks for the heads-up. Your observations, tips and Mulk-worship are much missed during the offseason.

    Keep the Mulk flame alive!

    By Blogger Red Andrews, at 6:37 AM  

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