Monday, May 28, 2007

Around the Quad: Return of the Southwest Conference

As piss poor as our coverage of the Baylor Baseball season has been, we must confess that we weren't that optimistic about the Bears' chances this year. However, as the season wore on, the Bears began to surge ahead, made the Big12 Tourney, and fell six runs shy of winning the Championship yesterday. Recently, our beloved Beamer Weems was named to the All-Big12 First Team and now we have received news that our team has made the NCAA tourney yet again. These news items have inspired us to attempt to blog the Bears again. Its been difficult after yet another year of sub-expectation football and basketball, especially considering we had the talent to do so much better. Even Mulk's early tourney exit contributed to the general feeling of despair around the ALICO, but the baseball team's recent success (along with softball's awesome season) has us drinking a little less Rebel Yell and a little more top-shelf whiskey.

Beamer Weems: Named All-Big12 Funny Name Team

1. Revenge of the Old SWC. Our tournament seeding has placed us in the same bracket with Rice and TCU! Talk about your joyful reunion: its so nice to be able to play our old sister schools from the SWC, who fell from the limelight when the SWC disbanded. It was fun back in the day when we had Rice, TCU, SMU, Arkansas and Houston on the schedule, both because three of them are small private schools and also because they helped balance out UT and A&M. Now we draw TCU and Rice in the Houston Regional Tourney. What fortune. Not that it will be easy, but who better to lose to than an old foe? You can find the bracket here.

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