Monday, May 21, 2007

Around the Quad: Radio Free BearMeat

We of the BearMeat Editorial Board have largely gone into hibernation until August, while we hopefully will contribute to our beloved blog as frequently as possible, the subjects upon which we like to pontificate are few and far between. If only Sloan, Steele and Bliss would return home. There has been much too much tranquility and bland mediocrity as of late. What happened to scandal, contentiousness, and humiliation? Perhaps Mulk will take a lover. If she abides in her choice to shun our advances, then might we recommend McLennan County Republican Sheriff Larry Lynch (great name for a town with a national lynching tragedy as a part of its history, eh?).

"I have come a-courtin', Mis Mulkey"

1. Radio Free BearMeat. With that having been said, thanks to Peter Bean (PB) at BurntOrangeNation (BON), we have been rescued from the summer break malaise that has swamped our editorial offices. PB has invited Red to share his perspective on love, life and the struggles of our ancestors, as a part of live internet radio, hosted by PB himself and Orson Swindle of Every Day Should Be Saturday (EDSBS), a satirical Florida Gator blog (a sample of their genius can be found here). The segment is called EDSBS Live and it is a hilarious show about college football, its culture, its obsessions and its people. Click here for tonight's broadcast at 6:30p (CST).

Listen to EDSBS Live

2. Gay Okies! As part of our "steal your thunder" campaign, we have taken PB's charity and stolen some internet treasure from him. BON picked up a postcard which alleges that an OU Football National Champion former player is gay. The link is here and we encourage you to gossip and speculate all you want!

Gay Okies!?! What's next: Gay Cowboys?!?

Sic 'Em!



  • Ok just tell all your loyal readers where to fast forward to

    By Blogger BDP, at 10:33 PM  

  • BDP,

    60 Min into the program.

    Thanks for caring!


    By Blogger Red Andrews, at 4:46 AM  

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