Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Building On a Near Win

It appears from this Team Report on Fox Sports that our near win (known commonly as a loss) against UT in the Big 12 tournament is something to build on. Playing a good, but not great team well for 30 minutes and then falling apart at the end is something to build on? To paraphrase the good prophet, Baylor Men's basketball team is suffering from the soft racism of low expectations. This is college basketball. On any given day any inferior conference opponent can beat a better team. That's not anything to build on, the thought that it would be is shameful. It appears this is based on a Drew quote where he basically said I hope this defeat leaves a bad taste in our mouths and we'll be a year wiser when we play UT next season.

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It's impossible to be successful with a young team.

Baylor has lost to UT 19th straight times. How many times do you need to lose to a team to learn that you don't want to lose to them again in the future? Why is it that the B's players need to learn from losing, while other young teams learn from winning? Florida won it all last year with 4 starting sophomores. UT, the team we need to learn about beating, had four freshmen and a sophomore starting. In the current landscape of college basketball, Baylor isn't too young to be successful, in fact the best programs consistently lose their best players after a year or two. Their success or lack thereof has nothing to do with their age. More than likely all our starters next season will be at least halfway through their college career. Drew can no longer mention age having anything to do with a win or loss. If he persists with this argument we will be forced to say he was and continues to be too young to be a successful Big 12 head coach.


  • Yeah, the soft bigotry of low expectations is right on. Its as if Drew were given the Sisyphean task of turning a Middle-School JV girls team into a competitive Big12 school. For four years he has proved that the most overachieving recruiting can still yield epic underachievement in terms of Ws and Ls (mostly Ls, of course).

    By Blogger Red Andrews, at 8:49 AM  

  • what we've been missing is this:


    By Anonymous bb, at 11:11 PM  

  • You have the Apostle Paul on your side in this. "Let no one despise you for your youth," he wrote to Timothy, but be an example ... in conduct... ." I'm sure being "an example in conduct" applies to whupping some serious secular bootay in Gentlemen's Basketball.

    By Anonymous Loomisboy, Homeless Son of Sam Brooks, at 12:48 PM  

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