Thursday, March 15, 2007

TourneyMeat: Perfect No More

In the first game on the schedule that I picked the underdog, I choose poorly. It's a lesson I already knew, but failed to heed. Never, ever root for or choose an underdog. Since I've always been a J. Edgar Hoover (LLB '16, LLM '17) man, I took GW over Vandy. Hoover and I would spent years together red-baiting, doctoring photos, and listening in on MLK's hijinks. It was a far simpler and better time then. I've never gotten a pick wrong before in the decades I've been filling out brackets, but I guess there is a first time for everthing. I wonder if VCU will be allowed to run their offense without being hit every time they go towards the basket?

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Hoover asking Fido tough questions about his membership in a kennel club.


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