Friday, March 16, 2007

TourneyMeat: A Nearly Perfect Day, 15-1

I just got back from BearMeat's official Waco fast food Italian restaurant, Fazoli's. The BearMeat editorial board in conjunction with our interns once ate a entire delivery truck full of bread sticks. Since then we have held every office Wednesday lunch there from 10am to 3:30pm. Everything went great today, except for Kentucky blowing my perfect 16-0 day. That brings me to 29-3 over the last two days. I would say the tournament has been boring so far. Almost everything has gone according to form. I feel that all three of my misfires were due to me relying too much on the schools previous year's team. Obviously, 'Nova, GW, and the Zags had a considerable drop off from last season. I guess Tubby Smith will get at least one more year. All he did was get his team to the tourney and win at least one game. The Baylor athletic department just announced Scott Drew's contract has been extended indefinitely, as long as he is able to win three or more conference games a year. I'll get my women's tourney bracket up tomorrow.

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Pat, Red and I waiting for the paternity test results.


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