Sunday, March 18, 2007

TourneyMeat: 7-0 Perfection and Starting 13-3

My Lady Bracket turned in a solid performance. I thought BYU, based on their early year performance against Baylor would win a couple of games, so my bracket will suffer. I should have realized BYU's basketball team was a flash in the pan, much like Mormonism. All three of my losses were teams I thought would go to the Sweet Sixteen. Two of them were underdogs (BYU and Xavier) and another (the OSU) was favored to go that far. This early slip up can be made all better with a 20 point win by the Bears today. I love any win we can get against the UT system, even their out of state location in Chattanooga.

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UT Chattanooga's Board of Regents making the trip to Raleigh.

My Gentlemen Bracket was a beautiful thing to watch yesterday. I actually forgot I picked Butler, so was happy that a small program advanced, but crestfallen over its implications for my brackets. Only later, did my loyal intern, Fyodor Fedoseev, point out that in a bout of drunken hubris, I had bet my summer home in Belmead that Butler would win. It made me 7-0 for the day. My ill-advised pick of GW in the Sweet Sixteen made the Vandy v. WSU game meaningless to my brackets. I'm glad Vandy advanced, since in many ways they are the Baylor of the SEC. Cornelius and I would often correspond about healing the scars left by the War of Northern Aggression and it was only after taking my advice that he donated the money to start the university. Today is the day that my brackets could fall apart. I have two Nevada based 7 seeds beating 2 seeds. These were both wild guesses and nothing to do with insider information I received from my various mafia connections in Vegas and Reno that told me these games were locks. I'm sure all players on Memphis and Wisconsin won't be distracted by off court concerns during the game.

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This guy made Memphis and Wisconsin an offer they couldn't refuse.


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