Saturday, March 03, 2007

BuseyMeat: The Redemption of Scott Drew

Well, well. What do all the anti-Drew naysayers have to say for themselves now? The Gentlemen Bears trademarked 30 Minutes of Hell brand of basketball made mince meat out of a Bogganless OSU and sunk their tourney hopes. Lomers 2 rebounds and countless hustle points led the way, as the International Three Point Carnival played like a team possessed. JamesOn Curry's 40 points were no match for the grueling, half-court game of our 3.5 guard offense. I hope now all the cynics/realists who have been calling for Drew's head can pipe down. Equaling last season's conference wins, in spite of our historic road losing streak, proves that this team is on its way to being fully rebuilt. In six more years, after Tweety is long gone, this program will finally be able to recover from the Bliss tragedy. The decade-long construction project is right on schedule with Cap'n Drew at the helm. Drew's assistant coaches have hinted to the BearMeat Editorial Board that next year Drew is aiming to equal this historic conference win output and may even up the win total by one. Imagine! This is truly an exciting time to be a Gentleman Bears fan. So many memories of this year: defeating all the historic black colleges, the near-win against S. Carolina, the near win against UT, the home win against Tech, the trouncing of mighty CU, the narrow victory over fearless Nebraska, and finally, the glorious triumph over the spiraling OSU. BuseyMeat, indeed! The meteoric rise of Lomers, the record three-point attempts, the dominance of our front line, and the consistency of our backcourt, all led to the most memorable season in quite some time. Thanks, Gentlemen Bears, for yet another season on the road to recovery!

And with that, we leave you with an inspiring montage (only partially CGI'ed - the Mamadou dunk) of everyone's favorite Aussie, Aaron Bruce. He, along with Our Lord Josh Lomers, will surely give OSU a good game in the Big12 Tourney!

Sic 'em!



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