Friday, March 09, 2007

BevoMeat: BurntOrangeNation Interview, No. 2

Thanks to our ShortHorn friends at Burnt Orange Nation for interviewing BearMeat about tonight's game. The interview can be found here. This is not our first collaboration with BON. During the football season, they interviewed BearMeat about Baylor, the UT game, and miscellaneous facts about our lives. That interview can be found here. To show our respect for BON, we will refrain from all "Saw 'em off" references this evening. Unless UT blows the B out. Below is a selection from the interview to wet your appetite for cross-blog interviews.

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The Official Blog of the New Roman Empire: UT

BON: Is it true that Mamadou Diene is a Sengalese hop scotch
champion? Why is he so bad at basketball?

BearMeat: Mamadou Diene is a poor-man's Manute Bol. While beloved of Baylor's undergraduates, who call him the Mayor, Mamadou exudes a "just happy to be alive and living in the U.S." vibe, that is common among people from the 3rd World. When you've seen real pain and suffering in Africa, stressing over your rebound and point production seems trivial. As far as Diene is concerned, he is living the dream at this very moment. Why wouldn't he be? Surrounded by beautiful Baylor co-eds, central heat and air, not to mention three squares a day, Mamadou has found his heaven on earth. Thanks to Scott Drew's recruiting promises, Diene has plenty of time to pursue his first love as the founder of the Baylor Hopscotch Society, which is 97% female.



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