Friday, March 30, 2007

Around the Quad: Aggies on the March

As the Good Judge begins writing his epic account of his weekend in Stillwater (BuseyCountry: Writer's Block) and Governor Pat continues to use his laptop for a beverage coaster, I, Red Andrews, the only editor who isn't gainfully employed outside of the ALICO will dutifully report on events around our dear campus.

1. A&M System Invades BearCountry. While Killeen isn't exactly Baylor territory, we like to think that Bell County, due to the presence of the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, has historic links to Baylor University at Independence. This Youtube clip reflects the growing behemoth that is the Texas A&M System. Apparently Tarleton State is a member and a name change may be in the works. Could you imagine an A&M-Killeen or A&M-Central Texas only 40 minutes away from the sacred soil of Waco? We cannot. A&M already took over the BAYLOR College of Dentistry in Dallas. Write your congressman! We've written Chet Edwards, but since he's already an Aggie, he wrote back expressing pride in the recent acquisitions and dreamed of a day where Texas A&M - Waco students would "Gig 'em" and bitch about "Teasips" just like the real Aggies at A&M. We promptly hung up the phone and cried for two hours. Perhaps the worst part of Sloan's legacy was leading us into financial insolvency, which may one day lead to turning the BearPit into a pet relief area for Reveille. Perish the thought.

2. New Aggie Blogger. In more Aggie-obsessed news, after our rant about how the Ags have a pathetic internet presence, the 12thManChild joined the Sports Blog Nation network and vastly improved his sports coverage. Similarly, the cleverly-named Aggie Sports Blog appeared on the scene, covering the Billy C. Gillispie to Arkansas rumors with constant updates. He introduced us to this cartoonish rendition of "The Shot." Thanks to Brad at the 12thManChild for this hilarious photo of the BCG-Arkansas rumors.

3. Baylor Law School Promgate Video. For our favorite blogging law student, Swanburg, and most esteemed blogging professor, Osler, we present this clip from the BearMeat Youtube Vault of Promgate 2006: Toben Sub-leases Library.

4. BearMeat Breaking News: TAMU & Beisbol Rejects Historic Peace Accord! In a diplomatic exchange over at the literacy-challenged Ag blog, TAMU&Beisbol, AgRyan'04, the most humorless Agriculturalist on the internets, rejected BearMeat's generous cease-fire proposal. The exchange went down as follows:

A&M & Beisbol (AgRyan04):

We of the BearMeat Editorial Board suggest a truce between your blog and ours. We know you have said some disparaging things about us in the past on TexasAgs and we haven't exactly portrayed you as the most literate blogger on the internets, but let's let bygones be bygones, shall we? We'll link to your blog if you link to us. We have such a positive relationship with Brad over at 12thManChild and have just met "r" at Aggie Sports Blog, who also seems like a nice guy. If you accept us as a satirical Baylor blog, we'll accept you for who you are and what you do. What say you?

Is it peace, or another season of war?

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Sic 'em,

Red Andrews
Senior Editor & Aggie Liaison, BearMeat
Red Andrews | Homepage | 03.26.07 - 3:13 pm | #


Only if you can promise that the rest of your brethern stop acting like high schoolers when they're in college.

If not, eh.

Good luck with that.
AgRyan04 | Homepage | 03.28.07 - 8:10 pm | #


Sir, we take your counteroffer as a rejection of our original offer. The deal is off. We are forever enemies.
Red Andrews | Homepage | 03.30.07 - 10:17 am | #

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  • You know, when IIIII failed out of law school, I didn't have time to make silly remarks about current law school students crying about being in the background of prom pictures. No sir, I had to climb up the ALICO with my bare hands, some antacid and the jaws of life to pry Ole' Red out of those red neon letters (when are these going to be changed to green anyway?). But that's just me.

    By Anonymous Brandon Dean Price, at 10:23 AM  

  • Thanks again for that, BDP. Had you not saved me, Waco's King Kong (aka Tax Assessor/Collector Buddy Skeen) was sure to hurl me from my perch into the Brazos. I owe you a voucher good for one free night with kama sutra intern Chesty LaRue.

    By Blogger Red Andrews, at 1:30 PM  

  • "Aggie Sports Blog", you are right. That is a really, really, bad name. As far as I know, there are no Sean Salisbury/cell phone related blog names out there. Does he even like sports? What a joke.

    By Blogger r, at 1:57 PM  

  • Funny comment red. Michael Tidwell of Tidwell Creative

    By Blogger tidwell, at 7:08 AM  

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