Thursday, March 22, 2007

AgricMeat: One Second! My Kingdom for One Second!

Richard III: "A Horse, a horse! My Kingdom for a horse!"
BCG: "A Second, a Second! My Kingdom for one second!"

1.1 Seconds Taken Off the Clock. Tough way to go out, Ags. Joe Jones and Acie Law 4's missed layups didn't help, but y'all sure got robbed. Since we had money and a first-born son riding on the game (Teaff Neff), not to mention the Good Judge's Bracket, we were actually Whooping it up, and Giggin' 'em with the best of them. Just like Richard III from Billy Shakespeare, it's funny how an enormous enterprise can be saved or destroyed by something as mundane as a single second. Great season, Ags, but watch out: with Bear-killer Law IV gone, Scott Drew is sure to dine on Revellie next season. To arms!

To lift your spirits, here was that great Miller High Life commercial that aired during the game. Those delivery men used to work for us in the BearMeat cafeteria in the ALICO building, but they objected to our "fancy-ass" macaroni & cheese recipe.

Former Interns Make Good Selling Beer



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