Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Season on the Brink Part 2: Abject Failure

A few weeks back I said if we didn't go at least 3 and 3 over the next six games the season would have to be considered an abject failure. We went 2 and 4. Abject failure achieved. As this season draws to its painful conclusion many questions remain unanswered. Will our conference record end up worst this year than last year, despite thirteen warm-up games this year? Does Scott Drew realize this season has gone terribly?

My Post Agric Game Feelings

In the pre-game interview he seemed to think the 13-13 record built on the back of the Texas Southerns of the world indicated that a win or two down the stretch could redeem this season. Drew you're a nice guy, but I hope you don't really believe that. I hope that is a little white lie said to keep us from losing all hope, kind of along the lines of a 20,000 troop surge. We want to believe you Drew, but the facts on the ground would indicate otherwise.

Pat's Pre and Post-Game Rituals

The thing that really hurts about the loses is I believe we have talent. This team could win, it isn't the football team. I don't know what the future holds for this team. It seems that Drew repeatedly makes references to us not finishing games because we are young. I don't think that is an acceptable excuse. UT lost every one of their starters from last year. Unless I am mistaken, they have four freshman starters and one sophomore this season. They seem to being doing ok for themselves. Maybe he means to say we have no talent, but I don't think that's true.

The Dilemma of Red



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