Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Onward Baylor Soldiers: Streaks & Curses

Onward Baylor Soldiers! Tonight we face Texas Tech in Lubbock with one major streak on the line: The Scott Drew Three Year Road Losing Streak. The last time Baylor scored a road win was February of 2004. As Gentlemen Bears fans, we are a bit nostalgic about this streak. It has been the one constant in a tumultuous world. During this streak, we have witnessed two national election cycles, one major hurricane, a war in the Middle East, a LadyBears national championship, another 400m Gold Medal for a Baylorite, a College World Series appearance for Steve Smith's boys, a tennis national championship, and two straight seasons of multiple conference wins in football. Ahh, the memories. Since the February 25th game against A&M in 2004, Baylor under Drew has dropped 24 straight road games. In addition, in spite of last year's death penalty, we won 4 total conference games. If we don't pull out these last two games, we will have failed to exceed last year's total. What does this mean for the program? It means that Year 4 of the Post-Bliss Rebuilding Decade is Complete. In six more years, we can begin to expect a conference contender. Until then, just sit back and enjoy the Streak!

To celebrate this streak, we present the most cursed sports commercial of all time. While it is perahps the funniest NBA ad, we've ever seen, it is uncanny that one week following its airing the offensive player, D-Wade, and the defensive player, Shaun Livingston, both came down with season-ending injuries. Gatorade. Is it in you?

Who's next, Paul Davis, the rookie who gets dunked on? God forbid the continued airing of this diabolical advertisement. President-for-Life Stern, are you listening? Shut this thing down before it's too late!

At least none of that bad luck is wearing off on the Central Texas Warlord.



  • That is totally weird... it's like they both got the same fortune cookie.

    The timing of the commercial is truely unbelievable.

    By Anonymous CJ-Suns, at 10:03 PM  

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