Friday, February 02, 2007

Mack Brown Visits Waco High

Note to BU Football Recruiters: Mack Brown went to the Waco High Football Banquet this week and was featured prominently in the WacoTrib's photo coverage of the event. Why wasn't GuyMo there? I'm assuming Mack was there to scope the recruits of the second best 4A squad in Texas. If another big-name recruit from our own backyard escapes to UT or TCU (God forbid), BearMeat will seize the football program in a bloody takeover. Waco is home to some of the best homegrown talent in America [See LaDainian Tomlinson], and we should have a leg up in luring these guys to the B. Let's get on it before we lose another Blue Chip to the Shorthorns.

Mack Hunts the "Most Dangerous Game"


  • We don't have to worry about losing top talent to those other programs. We have the great and wonderful Coach Morriss. He hasn't lost every top commitment to other programs this season, and if he doesn't hire more fathers, we may never lose more turncoat traitorous sons.

    By Blogger Ben, at 9:32 AM  

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