Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lady Bears Tied for First, Gentlemen Bears Tied for Last

Another basketball night with two games and another split result. The Lady Bears managed to take care of OSU and are currently tied for first in the 12 Big standings. Mosby once again displayed here MVP bona fides. They have four games left and two of them are against their co-leaders, Okie Senior and the Agrics. Actually looking over the remaining schedule of top teams, Nebraska by far has the easiest match-ups, featuring zero ranked teams. Must be nice to play in the North JV Division.

Big Aristotle delivering the hemlock to OSU.

I really am at a loss to describe the Gentlemen's play. We beat a decent Tech team early in conference play, which seem to indicate we weren't that bad. However, everything since then, I'll exclude beating an awful Colorado team, has been fruitless. We have no inside game whatsoever. Diene and Lomars are complete non-factors on the offensive side and only marginally beneficial on the defensive front. I thought we would be competitive this year.
I was wildly wrong. This team isn't bad, e.g. Colorado, but that ain't good. We are four games into the part of the schedule that I said anything less than 3 and 3 is abject failure. Right now we are 1-3, so I hope can pull off two straight wins at home.

Drew realizing he probably has to have a center on the court.

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