Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Beast Slouching Towards Waco: UT Arrives

I believe this young Texas team is beatable. Not necessarily by us, but certainly beatable, since they already have seven losses. This task, if Aaron "The Emu" Bruce, doesn't play will be even more difficult. I often have a vague notion of why the Gentlemen Bears struggle and I attempt to articulate it in uneven, exaggerated, and uninsightful prose. However, as is often the case, BurntOrangeNation, breaks down the Bears inadequacies with stats, insight, and analysis. In particular, I enjoy any list that places Baylor men's basketball program behind schools like Lipscomb and North Dakota State.

I will also admit that as a fan of the NBA, a topic we rarely touch upon since the league has few current and significant Baylor connections, I can't help thinking about Kevin Durant at the next level. He can do anything he wants on the court and he is only 18. I have a variety of reasons to see him move on the the next level, not the least of which is Baylor cannot stop him. I've decided that he is such a transcendent player we can enjoy watching him play even if he plays for the competition. It is sort of how I felt about Zinedine Zidane, before the headbutt; since after the headbutt I've been an unequivocal fan.

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