Monday, February 12, 2007

Around the Quad: South Park Extravaganza!

At the first annual BearMeat sub sandwich eating contest, many things were revealed about who we are and what we do. Apparently we are a bunch of chauvinist chumps who enjoy exchanging silly stories about sordid "romantic" encounters and joking about mistakenly swallowing "the berry." While our coverage of this weekend's BU Sports was, in the words of the Good Judge, "piss poor," we were feeling quite proud of ourselves, regardless. So, we present "Around The Quad," with a weekend full of memories under our belt and a basket full of hope for the Tourney.

1. New Oso Amigos. We want to welcome two special Big12 blogs to the BearMeat Alliance: 1) a Texas Tech blog that goes by the name Double-T Nation. (Insert mammary joke here) It's hard for West Texans to communicate with those who don't live in the land that God forgot, but they sure do the best they can. Get your guns up, Double-T. Get 'em up! and 2) another Oklahoma blog with a cool logo - Crimson and Cream Machine! The Sports Blog Nation is truly ushering in the sports blogapalypse; be warned - the end is near.

And finally, for a lively, rage-driven perspective, we would urge you turn to the Bayloriffic ramblings of William Douglas Cheek, B.A. (aka "The Cheek") over at TCF: The Cheek Factor.
Be looking for a guest post from The Cheek in coming weeks.

2. Nuestro Amigo Mejor - Burnt Orange Nation. We here at BearMeat are truly indebted to Peter Bean & Co. at BON for their support of our fledgling blog. They have linked to us more times than we can count, and we are more than happy to entertain half-educated Shorthorns. This past fall BON featured a hilarious post comparing the Big12 schools to SouthPark characters and then did a follow-up piece following the football season. Great stuff.

3. La Familia Phillips. We guarantee that we will get to covering the fact that Wade Phillips's son is on GuyMo's coaching staff and promise to explore all the connections and humor value in that story. Until an anonymous commenter tipped us off, we were unaware that either of these men existed. Apparently, there is quite a Phillips Dynasty (Bum-Wade-Wes) which has left its imprint on TX Pigskin. Watch out for BearMeat's campaign to get Wes the head coach job with the Texans. Viva la familia Phillips! Thanks, loyal BearMeat readers, for keeping us on our toes. Gracias.

4. Thanks to BearMeat Pastry Chef and Master Baker, JGK, for baking us a delicious BearMeat-logoed cake to celebrate our epic sandwich-eating contest.

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Pat Ate The Piece With the Dingleberry In It,
Which Meant He Had to Do the Dishes

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