Thursday, February 01, 2007

America’s Team Held Hostage: DAY 2

The standoff has entered its second day and there is no clear cut consensus on the progress of the negotiations. Information is slowly trickling in, but reports confirm Mike Singletary spoke with Jerry Jones for seven hours on Tuesday. The topics covered seemed to validate the concerns of authorities. He was nervous and was obsessed with the past, in fact he insisted it was 1995. When Singletary told him it was 2007, Jones grew agitated and told him he was the boss and called the shots. Singletary, understanding the delicateness of dealing with a maniac, assured him he was still the boss and that he was just trying to help him get what he wants. Singletary asked Jones for his particular demands and after Jones muttered something about Master of the Universe, he cut off all communication. Several experts feel that this impasse is far from over.

Singletary listening intently to Jones' claim of divinity.

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  • Letting Singletary slip away would be the equivalent of 10 botched game-winning field goal placeholdings for this franchise. The 'Boys need The Minister of Defense more than he needs them. Jerry better bring his checkbook.

    By Blogger Red Andrews, at 5:27 PM  

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