Friday, February 09, 2007

America's Team Held Hosatge: Final Day

It is over. All that's left is to clean up the bodies. In a final, desperate move Jerry "Jim" Jones opted to go even more old school than Norv Turner and opted for Wade Phillips as his poisoned Kool-Aid.

Wade went down easy, but at the end of the day the results are the same, prolonged suffering for America's Team. BearMeat, with the assistance of an army of overworked interns, was ready to have the most irrelevant, uninformed Cowboy coverage(endorsed by the Editorial Board in a bitter 2-1 vote, Pat's insisted that he would never cover a NFL team other than his beloved Akron Professionals) ever seen in the Lone Star state. Mike Singletary we hardly knew ye.

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  • The dream is dead. I would have loved to watch us grapple with how to cover the NFL. I'm sure we would have done it with grace, dignity and ignorance; our three virtues.

    By Blogger Red Andrews, at 8:45 AM  

  • are you guys going to comment on the fact wade phillips is the father of our very own wes phillips, quarterbacks coach?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:39 PM  

  • Anon:

    Yeah, we'll probably get to that after everyone who cares already knows. Thanks for the tip, though. We probably need to establish a BearMeat Tips Email Account so we can jump on that.

    That and we need to get 2 out of the 3 Board Members functioning computers with internet access.


    By Blogger Red Andrews, at 11:05 AM  

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