Friday, January 26, 2007

Where The Bosque Meets the Brazos

Thought we'd provide a few bits of Baylor Blogosphere information for those of you out there who are interested. It's been a slow news day here at the ALICO, so why not give a few others some shoutouts.

Prof. Osler over at Osler's Razor (witty, eh? That's what a Yale degree will get ya!) explores the little known Vision 1930 of President Samuel Palmer Brooks. It took 77 years, but all the imperatives of that historic plan have now successfully been implemented.

The Baylor Lariat. This is not the Editorial Board that we remember from the Hi-Lariat Days of our undergrad. Today there is an editorial which basically says "Good Riddance to the Bush Library." Damn. Since Sloan's departure, you'd think someone would be able to reign these guys in. Nothing like NYTimes-esque editorials deep in the Heart of Texas. [Also, great opinion piece article on what we call the Syndrome - turning on the coach after every loss. Look for a BearMeat "Open Letter to Baylor Sports Fans" which we will send to the Lariat and post on our blog highlighting the need for more constructive internet engagement with Baylor Sports, including the dearth of blogs, negativity of, etc.]

12th Manchild (an Aggie blog - we know) has given us the official T-shirt of Baylor Athletics. Since we think A&M is our rival (and they think UT is theirs, and UT thinks OU is theirs, and OU thinks the Cherokee Nation is theirs), we thought it appropriate.

Not quite as nice as my tattoo of the same image.

Also, who killed Baylor Sports Unlimited? Where are those guys? Is BearMeat now the only Baylor Blog besides the Bear Blog?

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