Saturday, January 27, 2007

Welcome, New Oso Amigos!

We would like to extend a hearty BearMeat welcome to three new Big12 blogs who have agreed to enter into the BearMeat Alliance as "Oso Amigos." [Spanish for Bear Friends, more or less] We really don't spread enough love to all our fellow bloggers out there, so we thought that we'd recognize a few of our new Big12 homies.

The 12th Manchild. This Agriculturalist offers a fresh perspective on A&M sports, free from the jingoism, machismo, and parochialism of much of the Aggie Internet experiment. We enjoy his blog format and his sense of humor. Check him out, if only for his coverage of The Great "Saw 'Em Off" War between TU and A&M.

A&M Pranks of Yore included branding the
TU mascot with the score of the football game.

CrossCyed. This Iowa State blogger can relate to BearMeat's obsession with respect and status, sharing our unease with cellar dwelling and perpetual Pollyanaism. Look for his upcoming interview with the BearMeat Editorial Board that is sure to garner a Pulitzer nomination for excellence in journalism.

Nothing quite as authentic as Iowa State salsa -
made by real Midwesterners!

Hawk Digest. The newest member of the BearMeat Alliance, a Jayhawk fan, offers this stirring defense of Baylor's inclusion in the Big12, which left nary a dry eye in the BearMeat Editorial Offices in the ALICO building. Welcome aboard!

The Noble Jayhawk:
A Cartoonish Mascot Even as a Statue

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