Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Waco We Do Country Fried Promotional Videos

Courtesy of the BearMeat Winter Weather Taskforce, we present the City of Waco's latest promotional commercial. You can almost hear big employers planning major investments in our city. Obviously, the city is not trying to attract Richard Florida's quasi-mythical "Creative Class" (the types of young liberals who congregate in San Francisco and Austin, Texas), so much as the tradition-minded red stater. We love the line, "you might not understand, but Waco, we do."

Here is an example of a self-hating Wacoan homemade video that our unpaid interns stumbled across on YouTube while they were supposed to be mixing cocktails. The description attributes the Haggard song's subject to Waco. That is a patent falsehood. Having consulted with our staff ethnomusicologist, we determined that the song was actually written about Lacy-Lakeview.

This is hands-down, the worst PSA ever aired on TV. I cannot believe someone greenlit this ad for Waco Crimestoppers!

Reeve Hunter, aka the Red-Headed Stepchild, exhibiting his unique Nintendo Hip-Hop skills in this ode to the Waco H-E-B.

Perhaps the most frat-tastic video ever made by/for Baylor Brosephs. The Abercrometer reading for this video is off the chart. Nothing like still photos of the overprivileged enjoying themselves too much, eh?

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  • Coach Mulkey's ex-husband, Randy Robertson, and his Innovation advertising firm produce those awful "Waco, We Do" commercials.

    Kim, you are well rid of the man!

    By Anonymous Scamp, at 7:36 AM  

  • The seemed pretty bad to me at first as well, but they've really grown on me - maybe because they're kitschy - like Waco - also they lend themselves to all sorts of parody (e.g. "Waco We Do Meth Labs, Waco We Do Teen Pregnancy," etc).

    Re: the newly-single Mulkey, the BearMeat editors completely missed that enormous news item, and thank you, scamp, for alerting us. A WacoTrib article confirmed the veracity of the story. I smell a post . . .

    By Blogger Red Andrews, at 9:43 AM  

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