Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Season On the Brink: Six Games To Prove We Don't Suck

I thought this season would turn out differently. Why, you ask? I thought we would finally see the fruits of our consecutive top twenty recruiting classes. But no. If you look at our schedule we have exactly two legit wins, Tech and Col. St. That's it. Everything else is fluff to fill out our schedule and get some practice. We have lost games down the stretch on several occasions. I don't like the pattern I've seen developing. It reminds me of the football team.

We have the Buffs at home tonight. This is a must win game. We are tied with them in the cellar of the Big 12 at 1-6. Admittedly, our conference schedule has been difficult so far, but we are entering a soft patch. Over, the next six games, other than a young Texas team at home, we play the five worst records, excluding us, in the Big 12. Four of the six games are at home. Nothing less than 3-3 is abject failure. And this season, absent a miraculous conference tournament run, will have to be labeled a failure. Oh yeah, and keep starting Tweety.

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  • Tonight's Game was Day One of the Gentlemen Bear's Second Act: The Resurrection.

    By Blogger Red Andrews, at 10:57 PM  

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