Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Emu Strikes

We want to thank the person who assembled this YouTube highlight montage of Aaron "The Emu" Bruce. What makes this video worthwhile apart from the excellent musical selection (I come from a land down under) is the extremely rare footage of Mamadou "The Mayor" Diene actually dunking the ball in a game. We had to take this footage to our film editing department to certify its authenticity. The BearMeat Film Editor refused to do so, saying the dunk was most likely a CGI.

So, we hope you enjoy this treat. Sic 'Em, Aussies!

P.S. If you are a BearMeat reader and stumble across some YouTube footage related to Baylor or Waco that you couldn't otherwise find by searching those words and think it would be of interest to other readers, please let us know. Thanks.

[Oso Amigo Update: We welcome Sunday Morning Quarterback, aka SMQ, aboard on the Oso Amigo roster. These guys cover college football like CJ Wilson covering a receiver during the non-conference games - they're all over it.]

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