Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bobby Knight: Changing With The Times

Tech beat the Agrics last night with the help of several 3-pointers. After the game, Knight repeated what I am sure he has said a million times before but was new to me:
That doesn't make me feel any better about 3-point shots. I don't like it, didn't like it, not going to like it. It was good tonight, though.
Knight really knows how to keep up with the times. It is eerily similar to his good friend Bill Parcell's statements earlier this season regarding his skepticism of the forward pass and how he wasn't going to run a flash in the pan offensive scheme. Knight continued his riff of things that have destroyed basketball by decrying the replacement of the peach basket with new-fangled rims, high top basketball shoes, the jump shot and integration. After finishing his lengthy basketball list he proceeded to list other things from the modern world that terrify him like e-mail, horseless carriages, and self-control. He ended the news conference in typical Knightian fashion by urinating on the press corps and telling them he would rather be in Lubbock than still at Indiana. He refused to answer any more questions once he inserted is thumb in his mouth and walked out. That sir, is a leader of men.



  • The BearMeat exclusive interview with Knight, if I remember correctly, ended quite abruptly when he heard hip-hop music blaring out of Judge Baylor's offices. "Damn Jungle Music," Knight exclaimed, "It's only country AND western for my boys." He then called us stooges of the East Coast Sports Media Elite and absconded.

    Our best interview to date.

    By Blogger Red Andrews, at 8:27 AM  

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