Saturday, January 06, 2007

Bleeding Kansas

Thanks FSN Southwest for broadcasting a BU Doubleheader! First our Lady Bears look to roll over Kansas and then our Gentlemen Bears will do their darnedest to defeat Lil' Sutton's Cowboys up in the Indian Territory. Some General Comments as we begin our Big12 Coverage.

1. Lady Bears. The top-ranked recruiting class in the nation has paid off for Mulk, who continues to enjoy top 10 ranking. What is keeping us from title contention again this year is the Twin Tubby Towers of OU, the Paris Sisters. However, we may have more inside strength now with Mosby, Allison and Wilson.

2. Gentlemen Bears. Also a young squad which will hopefully prove to be scrappy, salty and all those other underrated, overachieving adjectives. We can be a nightmare from beyond the arc and speak up to six languages! Sic' Em Bears! Angola Avante!

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